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Sticky Ventures is a venture studio that partners with startup founders and corporate innovators to build and back new technology ventures.
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Our Story

As entrepreneurs and visionaries ourselves, we intimately understand the thrill that accompanies a game-changing idea. Yet, we also recognize that a mere idea is not enough. To transform your concept into a bona fide venture, you need a harmonious fusion of strategy, process, and resources.

Our team is composed of battle-tested entrepreneurs and seasoned experts in product design, market research, launch marketing, growth hacking, startup finance, and fundraising. We've weathered failures, harnessing them as stepping stones to success. Our unwavering commitment is to impart those invaluable lessons to you and your idea.

We embrace a holistic, user-centered approach to venture development, crafting unparalleled value from the wellspring of human creativity.


We’re a team that blends product, business, design and marketing expertise to build solutions.
Michael McClure
CEO, Partner
Ted Yang
President of Ventures, Chairman
Aleks Tropp
Director of Operations, Partner
Dan Leitão
Director of Product, Partner
Domenico M. Di Donna
Creative Director, Partner
Keith Reynolds
Director of Marketing

Our Proven Framework for
Venture Development

We combine our expertise with your vision to create exceptional digital products.

1. Opportunity Analysis

Early stage concepts are ideas seeking to be validated. Our team of product, design, marketing and business experts provide you with a better understanding of your addressable market, your customers’ needs and the scope of your opportunity.

2. Solution Engineering

At this stage you have identified a solution with the potential of launching a successful product. We focus on testing solutions and gathering user feedback to inform additional requirements and the go-to-market strategy for your Minimally Viable Product (MVP).

3. Customer Discovery

Our focus at this stage is to help manage continuous product improvements while simultaneously supporting sales, marketing and operations efforts to demonstrate product-market fit so that your venture will be ready for funding.

4. Launch and Scale

Our product, marketing and business teams help orchestrate a series of activities to launch, track and grow your venture while driving customer success and the overall adoption of your product solutions.

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Fuel your entrepreneurial journey with Sticky Ventures as your trusted partner. Our seasoned team is ready to accompany you through every stage of development, from Opportunity Analysis to Launch and Scale. Let us harness our expertise to amplify your growth and propel you towards success.

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